WORKSHOP: On-Aircraft LH2 Storage and Delivery Systems

University of Nottingham,
27 November 2023

Dear BCC Members,

The Aerospace Technology Institute's, Hydrogen Capability Network, are developing a strategy to support UK aerospace to adopt liquid hydrogen as a fuel source for zero carbon aviation. As part of this work they are hosting a workshop to highlight the fundamental research required for “On Aircraft LH2 Storage and Delivery Systems” with a view to be able to develop a proposal for a future funding call.

The workshop is planned to take place on the 27th of November at The University of Nottingham and will be primarily in person although there may be an opportunity to contribute virtually.

This has been with an aerospace focus initially however many of these fundamental research topics are applicable across multiple industries and we are aware that there is already significant expertise in the UK around cryogenics. We would like to engage with researchers in other sectors to enable to links between the aerospace industry and existing cryogenic research and expertise in the UK.

The main objectives are below:

  • Communicate the biggest challenges currently being faced by the aerospace industry in delivering LH2 technology.
  • Map existing UK capabilities related to cryogenics research in the following topics capturing both modelling & experimental research.
    • Cryogenic materials characterisation and development (Low temperatures and LH2 environment) - (Metallics, Polymers, Composites)​
      • Engineering - Mechanical/Thermal/Physical Properties ​and Testing
      • Physics - Micro/Nano – Structural material behaviour/changes​
      • Chemistry – Reactivity, Absorption, Diffusivity..​
    • Cryogenic fluid behaviour (LH2)​
      • Phase changes / Multiphase flow / Cavitation / Sloshing / Flash Boiling / Stratification​
      • Health and Safety - Fluid handling​
      • Cryogenic Fluid Test Apparatus/ Infrastructure / instrumentation
  • Establish gaps in capabilities required to deliver liquid hydrogen systems with a focus on flight.
  • Discuss how best to fill required gaps – Levels of funding is required, how best to co-ordinate the sector.
  • Build networks between industry and research institutes not commonly linked with aerospace.

Attendance is limited and If you would like to attend, please email by Friday the 17th of November highlighting any of the research topics that you have expertise in.


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