Welcome to Wiltshire Cryogenic Consultants Ltd

November 2020

“ I can work with you to solve your problems”!

Bob Wiltshire was an apprentice toolmaker before working for 12 years in the aerospace sector. He then moved to Bristol University, where he stayed for thirty years, (first as Research Technician, Low Temperature labs in Physics) finishing as their Cryogenic and Technical Research Manager. He understands the stresses and demands that you and your team must be working under. Bob designed and built the University’s helium recovery system, which is now working at 97% efficiency and saved £90,000 per year. He provided technical support for veterinary schools, physics, and chemistry departments amongst others.
Wiltshire Cryogenic Consultants Ltd was set up, when Bob retired, to provide technical support to all cryogenic users. We then became the specialist (Helium)consultants to Cryo Storage Solutions and together we can help getting you operational again.