WEKA AG wins Gold Rating on Sustainability

September 2019

WEKA AG Wins Gold!

As a recognition of their EcoVadis CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Rating

September 2019

WEKA AG has become even more sustainable since last year: The company in Bäretswil, Zurich, has received the highest award for its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2018 WEKA AG was evaluated for the first time by the independent auditing company

EcoVadis and achieved the second-best rating.

WEKA AG has once again improved its sustainability performance over the past twelve months: WEKA AG now achieves the gold level in the audit of the independent auditing company EcoVadis: with 67 points, WEKA AG is ranked in the highest category for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CSR is the responsibility of companies for their effects on society and includes social, ecological and economic aspects. In 2018, the industrial company was evaluated for the first time and achieved the second-best rating. "WEKA AG has been able to further improve its performance in the areas of sustainable procurement, fair working practices and ethics. This is a confirmation for our sustainability management system, which we attach great importance to", explains Marcel Fürst, Head of Sales & Marketing, "because only an intact environment and high ethical standards guarantee us as a company, but also to the society a successful future".

Long-term sustainability strategy of WEKA AG

The analysis system used for the review comprises 21 criteria from the four areas of environment, fair labour practices, ethics and sustainable procurement. Sustainability is one of the central values of WEKA AG: As a globally active supplier in the field of level measurement and valve technology as well as in the manufacture of cryogenic components, WEKA AG strives to assume responsibility in the area of sustainability: Among the global challenges are climate change and scarcity of resources, health hazards, endangerment of human rights or equal opportunities. WEKA AG's sustainability strategy is designed for the long term and focuses on the environment as well as employees and relationships with business partners.

Independent auditing company on CSR

EcoVadis is an online platform that enables companies to measure their sustainability performance. The audits also provide companies with a point of reference for continuous improvement. A CSR rating is provided based on a sustainability questionnaire and supporting documents.

For each of the four areas of environment, fair labor practices, ethics and sustainable procurement, the evaluated company receives a rating as well as an overall rating between 0 and 100, which weights the company-specific significance of the individual areas. The bronze label is awarded from 37 points, the silver label from 46 points and the gold label from 62 points.

The methodology is based on international sustainability standards such as the global reporting initiative, the united nations global compact and the sustainability guideline ISO 26000.