Stirling - Exhibition News - A busy year so far!

April 2024

The second quarter of 2024 are busy times for the Stirling Sales team and our representatives, with many a conference and exhibition to be visited.

Francesco Dioguardi attended the EHEC in Bilbao, showcasing our hydrogen liquefaction systems.

Early April, Mr. Ashish Nanda of Acryo Australia represented us during the ISBER in Melbourne, with emphasis on our StirLIN systems supplying LN2 for biobanking.

Mid April, Peter Lamberts was present at SEA Japan in Tokyo, an exhibition on maritime shipping and port technology.
Highlighted Stirling products are our re-liquefactions systems for boil-off re-liquefaction for LNG as well as ammonia and LPG.

Busiest time will be the week of May 13, with no less than 3 exhibitions.

First Francesco Dioguardi and Peter Lamberts will be present at the World Hydrogen Forum in Rotterdam, again on Stirling’s hydrogen liquefaction system.

Image: WHS Stand, 2023

After this, Peter will continue to Amsterdam to again a maritime exhibition: LNG Bunkering, with as main topic BOG re-liquefaction.

Simultaneously, Arjan Coenradie will attend the Regatec in Lund, which is all about bio-gas where he will showcase our bio-LNG systems.

In June, first the ACHEMA will take place in Frankfurt. This is a large show on chemistry where our sister company Hysytech will presents it capabilities in green chemistry and gas purification.
This will be a joint stand with Stirling, where Patrick Dumpe and Francesco Dioguardi will present our products in general, with emphasis on LN2, hydrogen liquefaction and closed loop cryogenic cooling.

To top off the first half year, we go to the Hydrogen Technology Expo in Houston.

Also here Francesco Dioguardi will present our hydrogen liquefaction technology.

More to come during the second half year, with 8 exhibitions already planned.


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