Quantum Design – Focus on LakeShore Cryogenic Probe Stations

August 2022

Lake Shore’s micro-manipulated probe stations enable reliable measurements of electrical, electro-optical, DC, RF, and microwave properties of materials and devices at cryogenic temperatures and under the application of high magnetic field – capabilities often vital to nanoscale, semiconductor, and spintronic device R&D. The high-vacuum stations are for the earliest phases of development when it is often necessary to measure smaller and fewer samples at temperatures below 10 K and in fields to over 2T.

Perfect Entry-Level Probe Station


The Model PS-100 offers versatile cryogenic testing in a standard, fully specified system, making the probe station ideal for labs with limited funding or who are just starting out with materials testing. Plus, it can be provided to you fast. Typically, it can be in your lab worldwide in less than a month from the time it is ordered. Just add cryogen and vacuum pump.

The PS-100 comes preconfigured for sensitive, high-impedance DC measurements, enabling its use in a wide variety of applications. It features a four-arm triaxial TTPX configuration for four-point probing and offers high-stability operation over a temperature range of 4.2 K to 475 K. High-precision, micro-manipulated stages ensure accurate probe tip placement, and the PS-100 accommodates samples up to 32 mm (1.25 in) in diameter.

View the Lake Shore PS-100


Easily add Hall measurement capabilities to your probe station


  • A complete solution for enabling Hall measurements in a CRX-VF probe station
  • Supports a range of DC Hall measurements on wafer-scale materials and structures as a function of temperature and field
  • Includes all the instrumentation and software for facilitating Hall measurements
  • Supports DC fields to 2 T and resistances from 0.5 mΩ to 100 GΩ
  • Intuitive software provides easy system operation, data acquisition, and analysis
  • Supports exporting of data for multi-carrier analysis
  • 3-year standard warranty

View the CRX-VF Probe Station

Visit https://qd-uki.co.uk/focus-on-lake-shore-cryogenic-probe-stations/

Wafer Mounting in a Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe Station

To learn more about the mounting methods commonly used in cryogenic probe stations, download this application note, written by Dr. David Daughton, Lake Shore Applications Scientist. It discusses various methods in detail and lists advantages and disadvantages for each.




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