Press Release from New Member DH Industries - Stirling Cryogenics BOG Management System

14th September 2018

Stirling Cryogenics BOG management system for the bunkerbarge “Clean Jacksonville” tested successfully!

DH Industries BV (the Netherlands) is proud to announce that the BOG management system for the “Clean Jacksonville” bunkerbarge has been tested successfully. Six StirLNG-4 Cryogenerators are installed on board of this 2,200 m3 LNG bunker barge, built by Conrad Industries and owned by Tote Maritime Puerto Rico, to re-liquefy the Boil Off Gas. During the final gas trials all units have performed perfectly and as expected. During the tests, the units maintained the operational pressure within the GTT membrane tanks below the given setpoints.

The StirLNG-4 is a micro scale, stand alone, plug and play (re-)liquefier with a small footprint and specifically designed to manage (e.g. produce, peakshave or condition) boil off gas, both on- and offshore. Either by direct (re)-liquefaction or subcooling.

DH Industries has obtained ABS type approval for the StirLNG-4, addressing marine and offshore applications. For another maritime BOG management project with three StirLNG-4 units, the type approval, by bureau Veritas, is expected in October 2018.

The StirLNG-4 cryogenerators on the Clean Jacksonville, operated by Tote services, operate in parallel and have a total re-liquefaction capacity of 6 metric Tons per day. Each cryogenerator has single operation functionality. This solution provides customers with high flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

For over sixty years DH Industries is designing and manufacturing cryogenic gas liquefaction solutions.

For more information about this solution and also other onshore and maritime projects, come and meet us during the Gastech in Barcelona 17 to 20 September, booth F100c or contact Peter Lamberts at