Nu Perspectives moves to bigger premises with better facilities

We’ve moved!

The pandemic highlighted a need for us to move a lot of our, previously, outsourced services in-house.

So, in July of this year we moved to a bigger, better unit to accommodate all of our production requirements. We are very happy here and have already made a lot of changes to the internal space.

Fully enclosed single-use product assembly area

We have constructed walls using aluminium extrusions which look very cool. These are to fully enclose our single use product assembly area which will further improve cleanliness pre ETO sterilisation.

We’ve also installed a brand new compressor including a dryer and oil filtration system to ensure our compressed air is free of impurities.

Computers for Production

We have now added a digital camera on our laser welding machine. This is great for training purposes, capturing images for documentation records and better user comfort.

Also added to the laser welding machine is some semi automation of workpiece position, using a translation stage and joystick. This has streamlined the setup process and made it easier to adjust the workpiece position.

Ecovadis environmental and ethical assessment

And last, but by no means least, we are very proud to announce that we have achieved an Ecovadis Bronze medal, as a result of the material that we were able to submit in support of our application. The assessment rates our environmental, ethical and social responsibility as a company. Our Bronze status places us in the top 50% of registered companies. This is no mean feat for a company of our size.

Our proposed new organisational structure, demonstrates further commitment to developing our CSR and we firmly believe that this is one of the most important areas for Nu Perspectives to develop. We can use these ideas to motivate staff and to improve our operational efficiency even further by reducing material waste and also lost time.

nu Perspectives Ltd

Unit 9A Stonefield Park

Martins Lane

Chilbolton, Hants SO20 6BL

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