MT28 International Conference on Magnet Technology

Aix-en-Provence, France,
10 - 15 September 2023

The International Magnet Technology series of conferences have as a theme Magnets* and their associated technologies. They provide a forum for the exchange of magnet related technology and design techniques, to diffuse in the scientific community new applications for magnets, to provide an exchange between research activities and industrial applications, and to encourage professional scientists and engineers to follow careers in magnets.

For 2023, the first in-person conference for 4 years, we are focusing on present and future applications of magnets in the lead areas of Fusion, High Energy Physics, Power Engineering and Medical Diagnosis, with debates about future directions and challenges for the superconducting magnet community. We will run in parallel an industrial exhibition and support an active student program with special sessions and social events, competitions and short courses.

Please support us with your participation!

*Magnets are defined as either consisting of a current carrying conductor formed into turns to generate magnetic fields and/or to store magnetic energy, or consisting of a permanent magnetic material. The scope includes structural and insulating materials, superconducting materials, normal conducting materials, cooling technology (including cryogenic), power technology, design and analysis, instrumentation and measurement techniques, testing and operational experience.

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