In Memoriam - Eddie Rowe

Eddie Rowe 1936 - 2024

It is with sadness that we share the news that Eddie Rowe died suddenly on 10th of March 2024 only a couple of weeks after receiving special recognition as the founder of Wessington Cryogenics Ltd, the leading global manufacturer of high quality cryogenic vessels, as they celebrated 40 years in business.

In his early years Eddie had started his working life as a mechanical fitter,  in traditional heavy engineering roles in the mining and ship building industries before his passion for engineering and his natural ambition to better himself saw him returning to education and achieving outstanding results, which fast tracked a career that began as a trainee draughtsman at Steels engineering then to being rapidly promoted to Chief Engineer and  other leadership roles in the engineering sector .

Eddie was a man that thrived on being an innovator, always keeping ahead of the technical developments, emerging new products and commercial opportunities that would come to his attention in the science and engineering sectors but after a period of time working for a leading industrial gas company, he became fascinated by Cryogenics at the time when there was a raft of new applications emerging, married with an endless demand for solutions from end users.

He first moved to a role of Technical Director at another cryogenic tank manufacturer,  but after a very successful period there, tasked with the design and commercialisation of a broad range of cryogenic dewars for the bio medical and scientific research sectors ,  he finally realised his long held personal ambition of establishing a manufacturing company of his own and Wessington Cryogenics Limited opened its doors in February 1984.                                                           







A full version of this obituary will appear in the June 2024 edition of the Low Temperature Newsletter.

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