M91 FastHall™ analysis kit for PPMS®

October 2023

Combine the measurement power of a Lake Shore MeasureReady® M91 FastHall measurement controller with a Quantum Design PPMS.

In collaboration with Quantum Design, Lake Shore has created a measurement kit to offer a complete Hall measurement solution. The M91 and Lake Shore’s Hall insert can be seamlessly integrated into Quantum Design’s PPMS. Plus, it is optimised for low noise and resistances up to 200 GΩ.

The diagram below is a close-up of the sample connections on the Hall insert. The M91 supports both van der Pauw (4-connection) and Hall bar (6-connection) geometries. These samples are wired to the Lake Shore sample board, which snaps inside the insert.

When the insert is loaded into the PPMS, these sample connections are fully guarded up to the M91 via triaxial cables (included in the kit). The integrated Cernox® sensor connections go to the PPMS, enabling temperature readings directly through MultiVu. 

See https://qd-uki.co.uk/m91-fasthall-analysis-kit-for-ppms/ for more information


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