Lake Shore launch NEW Temperature Brochure

January 2022

NEW Lake Shore Temperature Brochure

Quantum Design UK and Ireland have just launched their new temperature products brochure, covering the Lake Shore Cryotronics Temperature Sensors, Temperature Controllers and Temperature Monitors.

The brochure covers the extensive temperature product range and QD-UKI thought it would be helpful to have all the products in one place in order to quickly compare them.

What’s Included?

Cryogenic Temperature Sensors. Measure temperatures from <20 mK to over 1,500 K

Cryogenic Temperature Controllers – Monitor & control temperatures from <300 mK to over 1,500

Cryogenic Temperature Monitors – ​Monitor temperatures from 1.4 K to over 800 K

Have a question about temperature monitors/controllers/sensors?

Get in touch with Dr. Satyam Ladva, our Technical Product Manager on 01372 378822 or email here

Download the brochure here:

Quantum Design represent Lake Shore Cryotronics in the UK and Ireland.  Visit us at


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