How to Deal with the High Cost of Helium - Lake Shore Cryotronics

October 2023

How to Deal with the High Cost of Helium - Lake Shore Cryotronics

The high cost of helium is a big issue most researchers face. There are a number of reasons why helium is so costly and there are a few different ways to deal with the high cost. We will outline them here so you can make the best choice when deciding how to outfit your cryogenic laboratory.

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Included in the download is a guide to choosing the right cryostat for your requirements.

Learn about:  

  • Conducting a consumption audit to account for all aspects of helium usage within your organisation
  • What a helium reclamation system is, and if it’s a good fit for your situation 
  • How to lower costs using a recirculating gas cooler
  • If closed-cycle refrigerator cryostats that require no cryogens might be your solution   

Go from LHe to Cryogen Free

Convert a continuous flow cryostat to a cryogen-free system by adding a recirculating gas cooler (RGC).

  • RGCs run helium in a closed loop, making a continuous-flow cryostat cryogen-free
  • Samples can be changed without warming up the RGC, allowing fast turnaround times
  • Compatible with ST and STVP cryostats and some LHe cryostats from other suppliers  
  • When used with an ST-500 cryostat, provides a low-vibration solution for microscopy applications
  • Support long runtimes – with an RGC, a cryostat can operate for extended periods

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