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May 2024

Environment by Janis (only available from Lake Shore Cryotronics through QDUKI in the UK and Ireland) offers cryogen-free cryostats use both 10 K and 4 K cryocoolers, covering a temperature range of 1.5 K to 800 K. Choose from top- or bottom-loading designs suited for an extensive range of applications.

In addition to standard catalogue systems, Janis Research has complete custom design and fabrication capabilities. Their staff of physicists and engineers can design a system based on your specifications and requirements. They also maintain comprehensive records of previously built systems, and can often meet your requirements with an existing design.

LHe and LN₂ cryostats

The range has a full line of liquid helium and liquid nitrogen-cooled cryostats. Choose from continuous flow or reservoir cryostats, with many application-specific designs available. These include the …



  • <2 K to 500 K (700 K option) operating range (model dependent)
  • Easily adaptable to an RGC4 recirculating gas cooler for cryogen-free operation
  • Can use either LHe or LN2
  • Sample-in-vacuum configuration
  • Variable temperature sample mount and holder, with temperature regulated with a calibrated sensor and external temperature controller for precise sample temperature control
  • Can be fitted with optical or non-optical tails
  • The optical version has 4 window sets for measurement from UV to IR
  • Optional cabling for electrical measurements
  • Choice of cryocooler to match performance and budget requirements
  • FTIR, ESR, NMR, microscopy, compact, and ultra-high vacuum models are available
  • Highly flexible transfer line (12 in bend radius)
  • Easy sample access


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Lake Shore Cryotronics offers 10 K closed-cycle refrigerator (CCR) systems in a variety of configurations. Standard models include optical, non-optical, compact, subcompact, and rotatable vacuum shroud. The CCS-150 to 350 cryostat range starts at just £10,000+, making these an accessible and affordable option for your lab.


  • Cryogenic gas trapping
  • Large sample volume (see Other configurations)
  • Matrix isolation
  • Neutron bombardment
  • Neutron scattering
  • UHV sample environment
  • Vibration isolated systems for microscopy


Cryogen-free Cryostats


Standard, optical, sample in vacuum 10 K cryocooler with CTI cold head

The Janis CCS-150 is among the most versatile systems available for laboratory sample cooling. The system is equipped with f 1.0 optics and includes provisions for a wide variety of electrical connectors. Tapped mounting holes on the vacuum jacket and a sturdy refrigerator baseplate offer convenient mounting in any orientation. The CCS-150 is designed for measurements to 325 K.

The Model CCS-150 optical closed-cycle refrigerator was used in experiments mentioned in the following article, which appeared in APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 86, 081104 (2005).

  • Effects of epitaxial lift-off on interface recombination and laser cooling in GaInP/GaAs heterostructures


See the Janis 10K Cryocoolers Product Page



Compact, non-optical, sample in vacuum 10 K cryocooler with CTI cold head

The Janis CCS-350T is designed for experiments where optical access to the sample is not needed. This systems includes provisions for a wide variety of electrical connectors, and a sturdy refrigerator baseplate offers convenient mounting in any orientation.

The compact CCS-350T offers the same large 1.5 in diameter sample mounting area as the standard model, but with reduced radiation shield and vacuum jacket diameters.

Download the 10K Cryocooler Comparison Chart

Janis produces systems with high-temperature capability to 700 K, and low-temperature capability to <4 K. They also offer high-powered refrigerators for applications with large experimental or radiational heat loads. Contact us to discuss a closed-cycle system designed to satisfy your particular experimental requirements.

ALL Janis cryostats are customisable to suit researcher needs.



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