Cryomech's Closed Cycle 1k Cryocooler

October 2019

In addition to our 1K cryostat, Cryomech is now offering a closed-cycle 1K cryocooler for sub-2K applications. The system is precooled by a 4K pulse tube cryocooler and can use either the PT410, PT415, or PT420 coldheads. The 1K cryocooler offers cooling at ≤1.8K, ~4K, and ~45K simultaneously. The circulation pump station circulates helium through the 1K liquefaction loop and allows for entirely closed-loop operation. Time for cool-down is greatly decreased with the addition of a mechanical thermal switch connecting the 1K cooling station to the 4K cooling station.

Base Temperature: ≤1.4K with no load

Cooling Capacity: >300mW @ 1.8K

Temperature Stability: <± 5mK

Cool Down Time: <5 hours

Precool With: PT410, PT415 or PT420