CERN tender: MS-4367/EN - Helium Cooling and Passivation System

Return survey by 11 Dec 2017

CERN market survey for: MS-4367/EN - Design, Construction, Testing, Delivery and Commissioning of a Helium Cooling and Passivation System for the Beam Dump Facility

All the documentation for this market survey is available online here:


This market survey concerns the design, construction, testing, delivery and commissioning to CERN of a helium cooling and passivation system for the target chamber of the future Beam Dump Facility of CERN. The system will be delivered to the French part of CERN, on the Prévessin site.

The supply shall comply with the following parameters and conditions:

The system shall be capable of replacing a 20 m3 volume of air with helium, and purify it up to at least 99.9% in less than seven days, while maintaining the loss of helium below one vessel volume (20 m3 );

The system shall be able to maintain at least 99.9% helium purity during operation of the experimental facility;

The system shall be capable of cooling the target area for a maximum of 3 kW and maintaining the temperature of the helium atmosphere below 45°C;

The system shall be capable of repeating the full purification process up to four times a year;

The system shall allow remote automatic control and monitoring of involved functionalities and processes.

Market surveys are a precursor to calls for tender and designed to identify suitable companies.  Only companies that meet the requirements at the market survey stage will be invited to tender.  It is very difficult (and many times not possible at all) to include a company at the call for tender stage if they have not responded at the market survey stage.  Our role is to find UK companies to respond to CERN tenders.

The deadline to return the information to CERN is the 11th December 2017. If you are interested in this opportunity you need to complete and return the technical questionnaire directly to CERN, the questionnaire is available via the link above. There are further details about this in the cover letter, also available via the link above. Please also inform STFC of your interest, reply to Allanah at: with your full contact details and address, we will pass on your details to CERN and inform them of your interest.

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