CCD9-2019 Helium Themed Cryogenic Cluster Day - Register Now

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell UK,
24 May 2019

Registration now open - -

BCC Members are invited to attend a one-day event on Friday May 24th at Rutherford Appleton Laboratory on the Harwell Campus just south of Oxford, organised jointly by the British Cryogenics Council and the Science & Technologies Facilities Council.  Cryogenics is an important enabling technology, featuring in almost one fifth of the UK Economy, in food, healthcare, energy, science and space. This will be the 9th in a series of “Cryogenic Cluster Days,” comprising seminar, posters and a trade show.  Oxfordshire is at the centre of gravity of the British Cryogenic Community, and Helium is an important commodity for the sector  -  leading to Helium as the theme this year.  There will be speakers from Helium specialists, exploration companies, users and academia, with an optional lab visit to the Helium Recycling plant at the ISIS neutron source.  The event is free to attend, starting at 9.30 am, including lunch and finishing early afternoon.