Book Publication - Cryogenics: Fundamentals, Foundations and Applications

February 2023

The Institute of Physics new book Cryogenics: Fundamentals, Foundations and Applications is now available online. Institutional subscribers can access and download the book via the IOPscience ebooks collection. Individual purchase options (print/digital) available via the IOP Publishing Bookstore. Use promotional code BCCMEM30 for a 30% discount on list price.

Running to 270 pages across 9 chapters by 31 first class authors, Cryogenics – Fundamentals, foundations and applications is an ebook that is a valuable source of information on Cryogenics for the broadest audience, particularly those new to the field. Our Editor in Chief, John Vandore and former BCC Chair, Beth Evans, are two of the 31 authors. 

Also available with a 30% discount using the same code is Rob  Done's 2021 book The Safe Use of Cryogenic Technologies 

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