BCC's Shrikant Pattalwar honoured with Award for Excellence in Cryogenic Engineering

July 2023

CSA Awards Given at CEC/ICMC 2023

The Cryogenic Society of America has established several awards to honor persons who have contributed significantly to the field of cryogenics and to the Society in a variety of ways.  We are pleased to honor their leadership.

This year, at the Cryogenic Engineering Conference / International Cryogenic Materials Conference, CSA presented two awards:

  • The Robert W. Vance Award, presented to Rich Dausman; and
  • The George T. Mulholland Memorial Award for Excellence in Cryogenic Engineering, presented to Shrikant Pattalwar, BCC Committee Member

The George T. Mulholland Memorial Award for Excellence in Cryogenic Engineering is named in memory of George T. Mulholland, who served on the CSA Board as Secretary and was a Corporate Sustaining Member of CSA. The award is given for notable engineering development in a particular area leading to a major contribution in the cryogenic field.

Shrikant Pattalwar

Shrikant Pattalwar is currently Senior Cryogenics Engineer and Project Leader in the Accelerator Science and Technology Centre at the UKRI-STFC Daresbury Laboratory. This award is given for his leadership of both the cryogenics and systems integration for the Daresbury Vertical Test Facility. This unique facility is the UK’s only horizontal dressed SRF cavity test stand. It is particularly notable for its novel configuration, of which Shrikant was the originator, whereby liquid helium consumption is reduced by more than 70% in comparison with conventional facilities. The facility has enabled 2 K qualification of the ESS high-beta cavities (a key part of the UK’s IKC to ESS), and is supporting the UK’s participation in PIP-II (HB650 cavity testing will begin later this year).

The Robert W. Vance Award was established to honor persons for their dedication and long-term commitment to the advancement of CSA. It is the first award ever given by the Society.

Rich Dausman has been a very strong supporter of the Cryogenic Society of America since he joined Cryomech in 1976. He has served on the Board of Directors of CSA since 2013 – serving as Treasurer since 2015. He is also the current CSA President-Elect. Rich hosted ICC-18 in Syracuse, including the successful CSA Short Courses to enhance knowledge in the cryogenics community. Rich has served as President of Cryomech, now Bluefors Cryocooler Technologies, since 2020. He has promoted the cryogenics community by leading the team, which has innovated from the first commercially available pulse tube cryocooler to the most advanced pulse tube cryocoolers in the industry today.


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