BCC Welcomes New Members Cryogenix, Haier Biomedical, Innovatium and Zeroavia

January 2023

The BCC is pleased to welcome the following New Members this quarter.  More information and news in our latest Newsletter, to be issued shortly.


Providers of high quality Deep Cryogenic Treatment services for
- Motorsport
- Audio
- Machining
- Aerospace

Acota is a leading distributor of a wide range of speciality materials to industry. From vacuum insulated hoses compatible with both cryogenic and high temperature processes, thermal management (heat transfer) fluids to fluorinated and aqueous fluids for component cleaning.

See https://bcryo.org.uk/users/cryogenix-ltd  for contact details

Haier Biomedical

Haier Biomedical is the only complete biomedical low-temperature storage equipment service provider in the market, covering the entire temperature range from -196 ℃ to 8 ℃.

See https://bcryo.org.uk/users/haier-biomedical for contact details


The Innovatium Group invents, develops and commercialises equipment and processes which improve energy efficiency whilst reducing carbon emissions. The PRISMA Liquid Air Energy Storage system for compressed air is currently their primary project

See  https://bcryo.org.uk/users/innovatium-group for contact details


ZeroAvia is developing the first zero-emission powertrain for aviation. We are working with aircraft operators, owners and manufacturers to supply the world’s breakthrough zero-emission engines and the infrastructure and fuel to power a revolution in green flight.

East Far supplied a variety of  products to serve the energy, electronics, aerospace and medical markets. Over the years the company developed a number of state of the art coating processes for flexible films. We  support the Aerospace and Defense, Medical, Automotive, Energy, Transportation and Audio industries serving a variety of high tech customer requirements.

See https://bcryo.org.uk/users/zeroavia  for contact details

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