Following the success of the Cryogenics Course in April 2021 the BCC is pleased to announce another course which we intend to hold in October / November 2022

Following a meeting in November 2021 the BCC has decided to host the course in two parts.  The first (Introduction) will now take place in October 2022.  This date takes into account the events already scheduled for 2022 - the European Hydrogen Conference in May and the Applied Superconductivity course also in October 2022, whose dates we will avoid.  The second part (Advanced) is now scheduled for around Easter 2023.  Both courses are intended to run over 3 days.  The first may take place at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Oxfordshire UK.  There may be scope for hybrid/live streaming.

It also reflects the new 2022 acadamic year to be appealing to returning students.

Those who have registered interest are still on our records.

There are no details as yet on content, but if you wish to receive notifications as they arise you are invited to register your interest by emailing with the subject title 'Cryogenics Course 2022'

The presentations from April 2021 are still available to download for those who attended