August 2020

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We have cause for celebration in this issue, despite the pandemic around us.  Leybold celebrates its 170th birthday, which is quite an achievement; which companies will be around in 2190 ?  And ICEoxford wins the Queen's Award for Enterprise.  Congratulations to both these outstanding BCC Members !

We are also delighted to welcome three new BCC members : Roadgas specialise in natural gas and biomethane refuelling infrastructure, Kelvin International from Newport News, Virginia USA (a family-owned business) makes liquefiers, generators, instrumentation & other equipment and Prestige Metal Supplies, global suppliers of oxygen-free coppers.

The University of Birmingham is preparing for the time when a vaccine for COVID 19 is available and the logistics challenge, including the cold chain, required to get it to billions of people, many in hard-to-reach low-income countries.  Could there be a better endeavour ?  We wish them well.

After featuring the launch of Oxford Instruments' Proteox Dilution Refrigerator, nice to see their participation in a grant-winning consortium developing quantum computing technology.

And much, much more!

Hardcopies to follow for Members who normally receive one

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