ALLECTRA NEWS - Kapton Keeps its Cool this Winter

January 2021

We know that Kapton-insulated cables are an excellent choice for high and Ultra-high vacuum cabling. The new KAP 301 range is also unique in its resistance to radiation, making it ideal for Synchrotron and environments with High Energy beams. Many users have also used KAP 301 for cabling in croyostats down to 4.2 Kelvin. Below this, in the millikelvin range where for instance a lot of the cutting-edge research in quantum computing is performed today, testing capabilities and experience is fairly limited.

This is why we were very pleased to hear from a group of researchers in Denmark, at the DTU who use Allectra Kapton-wires regularly at 7 mK to control their JPE positioning device. Their latest research project involved characterizing small silicon-nitride membranes and trampolines (around 100 microns x 100 microns small) and determining their Q-factor as a function of temperature. A high Q-factor describes the ability of the membrane to keep oscillating for a long time – in this case a few minutes. This was done by shining a laser on the membrane, exciting the fundamental mode of the membrane and measuring the ring-down time (the time of the ongoing oscillations until they die out.)

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