Honeywell Hymatic Ltd

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Honeywell Hymatic Ltd


Burnt Meadow Road,
North Moons Moat,
Redditch, Worcestershire B98 9HJ
United Kingdom

Telephone Number:

(0044)  0152764931



Company Categories:   Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer, Cryogenic Equipment Supplier, Cryogenic Processes, Research and Development

Company Description:

Honeywell is a leader in Joule-Thomson cooling and more recent Stirling cycle cryocooler technologies, affirming the company as a premier provider in the supply of equipment for demanding and often harsh environments of defence and space applications. Honeywell Cryogenic coolers are highly efficient, dependable, proven performance solutions that meet customer’s specific performance requirements. Honeywell provides: Joule-Thomson Cryogenic Cooler and Stored Energy (Gas Management) Systems for missile and targeting systems utilising cooler IR seeker technology that require bespoke solutions to meet demanding performance specifications. Stirling Cycle Cryocoolers and Cryocompressors for Defence and Space cryogenic applications high speed imaging and sensing infrared detectors (focal plane arrays), sensor systems and high-resolution cameras Product Heritage • Greater than 60 units shipped for space applications as demonstrated by 16 cryocompressors on satellite systems currently in orbit with a culmination of 100 years continuous orbital operation .Greater than 120,000 hrs (17 years) running achieved on durability test demonstrator with no degradation in performance. Defence & Space Providing the power to protect and the technology to perform, Honeywell Aerospace innovations are helping transform the combat environment by boosting operational capabilities and providing unrivalled accuracy to support soldiers, vehicles and aircraft and enhance fleet safety. Our products offer superior efficiency and performance to lower fuel consumption and maintenance expenditures, while increasing the productivity and lifespan of critical assets. Honeywell Aerospace Honeywell Aerospace innovates and integrates thousands of products and services to advance and easily deliver safe, efficient, productive and comfortable experiences worldwide. For more information on Honeywell Aerospace, visit us online at