The management structure of the Council depends heavily on voluntary participation on an Executive Committee. The main criterion for membership on the executive is a strong commitment to the interests of the cryogenic community.

Individual Membership

Individuals with an interest in cryogenics may apply for membership of the British Cryogenics Council and will be admitted on payment of an annual subscription of £10. The benefits of membership include a quarterly newsletter (Low Temperature News).

Corporate Membership

Any company or organisation may apply to become a Corporate Member of the British Cryogenics Council. They can submit their company details online to the Council for approval. Following approval and payment of an annual fee, the details will be included in the Members database which can be searched by anyone accessing the website.


Management of the British Cryogenics Council is vested in the Executive Committee, comprising Honorary Officers and co-opted members eminent in the field of cryogenics. The Honorary Officers are :

Chairman : Beth Evans
Vice-Chairman : Oleg Kirichek
Secretary : Ziad Melhem
Treasurer : Greg Brittles

The Executive Committee normally meets twice a year. A small Management Committee meets frequently to ensure the smooth running of the Council between meetings of the executive Committee.

The Executive Committee is assisted by a Secretarial Assistant who also produces the quarterly Newsletter.

British Cryogenics Council Constitution