Special Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Seminar

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Harwell UK,
12 November 2018

Special Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Seminar

Monday Nov 12  -  9am CR12-13 in RAL Space R68

Professor Sastry Pamidi, Florida A&M-Florida State University, Tallahassee

Helium Gas-Cooled HTS for Superconducting Aircraft & Marine Propulsion


Professor Pamidi, Chair of Electrical & Computer Engineering at FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and Associate Director of the Center for Advanced Power Systems, is visiting England for the ESARS-ITEC Conference organised by IEEE, presenting a rare opportunity for him to visit the Cryogenics Lab here at Rutherford Appleton, and give a talk on his work on HTS Cables, cooled using Gaseous Helium Circulation, with emphasis on application in Superconducting Power Systems for Aircraft and Ships.