Pharma Cold Chain Summit 2018

London, UK,
17-18 October 2018

'Cold Chain' is a term used to describe the cold temperature
conditions in which certain products need to be kept during 
storage and distribution. Maintaining the cold chain ensures 
that vaccines are transported and stored according to the
manufacturer's recommended temperature range of +2ºC to 
+8ºC until the point of administration. 

We will discuss topics like: 

 •Latest technologies in cold chain distribution: from temperature monitoring to packaging RFID 

•Regulators on Good Distribution Practice (GDP) updates to ensure compliance

•Insights into emerging markets for cold chain distribution

•Data Monitoring and control over the logistics chains

•Real-Time temperature surveillance and monitoring

•Air-freight vs Ocean Freight

•New supply chain products and innovative ideas

•Best practices to overcome ambient temperature control challenges and narrow temperature

•Temperature excursion during shipment chain

•Key algorithms to support cold chain distribution