Cryogenic Design Engineer

Milton Park, Abingdon (OX14),
Tokamak Energy aims to accelerate the adoption of fusion power generation by combining two emerging technologies - spherical tokamaks and high-temperature superconductors (HTS). The company is developing a series of technology demonstration prototypes, culminating in a pilot plant which will exceed fusion energy breakeven. This role will be part of the HTS Engineering team, which is responsible for developing HTS technology for the plasma confinement magnet. The successful candidate will be a creative engineer with the ability to enable Tokamak Energy to become a world leader in large-scale HTS magnet design for fusion applications. HTS technology will be developed in-house and demonstrated by manufacturing a series of test prototypes of increasing scale. This role will play a key role in taking prototypes from concept to hardware, and will be highly motivated by the opportunity to contribute to making fusion power a viable candidate as a global energy source on a sub-decade timescale. For more information and to apply please see our website