CRYO2018 - The 55th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cryobiology, Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Madrid, Spain,
10 -13 July 2018


CRYO2018 is the 55th annual meeting of the Society for Cryobiology, a non-profit society devoted to dissemination of research in the field of cryobiology – the science of life at low and freezing temperatures. 

Our annual meeting is the world’s most diverse gathering of cryobiology professionals from around the globe, covering the full spectrum of this multi-disciplinary field including the latest research on human, animal, and plant cryobiology. 

The theme of the 2018 meeting is Scientific Challenges of Cryobiology. What are the largest challenges facing cryobiology today and where to from here?

CRYO2018 will take place in Madrid, Spain in July.  This is the premier venue for academic and industry professionals in the field of low-temperature biology to speak and learn about cutting-edge research, products, and services.

Organizations that haven’t sponsored recently will receive a 42% discount, while gaining free access to the full conference; thus, exhibition at CRYO2018 practically pays for itself (71% of the normal cost of attendance is discounted or recouped).

If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, just let me know by March 30th. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or to discuss optimizing your visibility: Alyssa Ward, PhD
Program Director, Organ Preservation Alliance

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