Cluster Day 10: The First Scottish Cryogenics Day May 2020 - UPDATE RE COVID-19

Edinburgh, UK,
21 May 2020

Cryogenic Cluster Day ran for seven straight years at Rutherford Appleton Lab, before the excellent eighth was held at Daresbury, followed by a holiday in 2018 when ICEC27 came to Oxford.  CCD9 had a Helium theme in 2019 back at RAL, but now the time has come to go where Cluster Day has not gone before – Scotland, making CCD10 the first Scottish Cryogenics Day ! 

NOTE: Cluster Day Ten was planned to be in Edinburgh for the first time on May 21st, making it also The First Scottish Cryogenic Cluster Day, due to take place in the new Higgs Building, on Blackford Hill, home of the Royal Observatory, also STFC’s UK Astronomy Technology Centre.  Being high up, the views from the Higgs observation deck can be outstanding (if Scottish weather allows) !  The pattern of previous Cluster Days, with talks  -  eg from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Strathclyde & St. Andrews Universities  -  an Exhibition, Posters & Lab Visits, looked like making for a Great Day.  Instead, at the time of writing it’s too soon to say, but it might be the First Digital Cryogenics Day.  Stay Tuned !   John Vandore.