Address: Schuerlistrasse 8

Telephone: +41 43 833 4343
Fax: +41 43 833 4321
E-mail: sales@weka-ag.ch
Web Site: www.weka-ag.ch

Company Categories: Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer, Cryogenic Valves

Company Description:
WEKA is a Swiss SME with more than 30 years of mafufacturing experience and know-how in cryogenics. We are a leading manufacturer of instruments in liquid level measurement as well as a specialist in cryogenic components and highly sophisticated valves.

WEKA Cryogenic Components provide optimal solutions for handling of low-temperature liquefied gases under extreme operating conditions. The components are generally used in applications involving liquid and gaseous media below 120K (–153°C /-243.8°F) down to 4.2K (-269°C / -452.2°F) or lower.

The current manufacturing program for WEKA Cryogenic Components includes the following products:
– Cryogenic shut-off and control valves for installation in valve boxes or fitted in vacuum jackets
– Special types of cryogenic valves: check valves, pilot valves, overflow valves, etc.
– Coupling systems for cryogenic transfer lines (Johnston and multi-coaxial couplings)
– Compact valves for space cryogenic systems
– LH2 Valves for automotive applications
– Custom designed and manufactured cryogenic components: e.g., cryostats, cold ejectors, prototypes etc.
– Micro and Low Flow Valves for cryogenic gas applications
– Stainless Steel Needle Valves for high corrosive and low temperature applications

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