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Helvetiastrasse 16
Petershagen, Brandenburg 15370


Telephone: +49 1523 3712534


Company Categories: Consulting, Cryogenic Processes, Research and Development, Safety and HAZOP Studies, Training

Company Description:
PRO has been established to support the helium market in all its technical aspects, from the source to the customer application.

PRO has the experience of working in the helium industry for over 25 years in more than 40 countries worldwide and for the leading players in the market.

PRO staff has been involved in the design and operation of the most challenging helium applications to date. This includes space cryogenics, superconducting magnet production facilities, ultra-high-field magnet systems for clinical research, material sciences and many more.

After having had the technical responsibility for numerous helium transfill facilities around the globe, PRO has developed a unique modular, helium transfill system which based on a concept using 20’ ISO container modules – flexible, cost efficient, engineered, produced and tested in Germany.

PRO especially focuses on the optimization of existing facilities in order to increase efficiency and thus to reduce losses by recovering and saving as much helium as possible.

PRO also provides training on operational safety, technical applications, market development and many other topics related to the helium market.

With our experience and by cooperating with excellent suppliers and fabricators, our resources in process design, simulation and CAD design enable us to provide first class engineering solutions tailored to your needs.

Development of technical concepts for
– helium storage (gaseous at ambient pressure, compressed or in liquid form)
– in-house and facility wide distribution
– inflation technology, gas recovery, compression and purification

Basic and detailed engineering of helium transfill facilities, turn-key solutions
Project management, selection of suitable suppliers and procurement support
Installation, commissioning and testing
Safety and operational training, coaching of technical staff
Development and implementation of best operating practices and KPIs