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  • Hazchem

    Hazchem Safety Ltd

    Hazchem Safety is one of the leading international suppliers of specialist signage and safety equipment to the hazardous substances and petrochemical industry.

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  • Heatsense BSI

    Heatsense Cables Ltd

    Heatsense Cables is a specialist UK manufacturer of Thermocouple Cable, Extension Wires and Low & High Temperature Cables.

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  • HSL

    Hall Scientific Ltd

    Hall Scientific Ltd has been set up to represent companies from around the world involved in Cryogenic Engineering and promoting them in the UK and Europe

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  • Honeywell Freestanding Logo Red JPG File

    Honeywell Hymatic Ltd

    Honeywell is a leader in Joule-Thomson cooling and more recent Stirling cycle cryocooler technologies, affirming the company as a premier provider in the supply of equipment for demanding and often harsh environments of defence and space applications.

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  • 4HeSolutionsLogo


    Process and resources consultancy based in Oxfordshire – investigating helium sources among others

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  • Highview Logo 2016 Transparent

    Highview Power Storage

    Highview Power Storage is a privately owned, award-winning technology company located in Central London, UK. Highview has developed and owns the Intellectual Property to its proprietary, large scale long duration Liquid Air Energy Storage (LAES) system.

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  • Herose Logo

    Herose Limited

    Herose Limited works together with a Group of leading manufacturers globally as well as Herose GmbH to compile a most comprehensive range of valves for Cryogenics, LNG and general industry applications.

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