RUAG Space GmbH


RUAG Space GmbH

Address: Stachegasse 16

Telephone: +43-1-80199-2302
Fax: +43-1-80199-3060
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Company Categories: Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer, Research and Development

Company Description:
RUAG Space GmbH (RSA) is the largest supplier of space products and related ground support equipment in Austria, focusing on electronics, mechanisms and thermal insulation. The company of 140 employees belongs to the Swiss RUAG Holding. The business mission of RSA is to market, develop and manufacture satellite equipment for the global space industry and cryogenic insulation for terrestrial applications that strengthen and support the competitiveness of its customers. RSA has produced high-quality Multi Layer Insulation (MLI) since 1991 and is the leading supplier of MLI for spacecraft of the European Space Agency and a number of other European programs. RSA designs, manufactures and integrates thermal hardware products in-house or at the customer\’s site. In addition RSA offers procurement and the assembly of heaters, thermistors, thermostats, Optical Surface Reflectors (OSR) and Second Surface Mirror Tapes. As a product diversification, RSA has adopted space MLI for cryogenic applications, covered by the \”Coolcat\” line of insulation products. \”Coolcat\” is used for the insulation of superconducting magnets (MRI, NMR and others); cryostats; transfer lines; and tanks. RSA offers engineering consultancy and thermal analysis for the customer systems. In its state-of-the art manufacturing facility for insulation RSA is equipped with automated cutting machines and all processes for production in an industrial scale. RUAG Space GmbH is certified according to both ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2004.