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Polar Technology Management Group Ltd

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United Kingdom

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Company Categories: Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer, Cryogenic Equipment Supplier, Cryogenic Pipeline, Cryogenic Valves, Cryogenic Vessels, Research and Development

Company Description:
Polar Technology Management Group is a holding company for engineering businesses operating at the leading edge of technology.
We deliver products and technology based around advanced composite materials and emerging metallic forming and joining processes. All this is offered through two engineering technology companies; Lentus Composites and SST Technology.

SST Technology designs and manufactures advanced fabrications with a particular expertise in tubular components, ducting and high performance insulation products. As a design partner we can take full responsibility for the design of systems and components or offer engineering input into our customers’ design teams. SST Technology works with the highest performance materials such as Inconel, titanium and stainless steel and employs advanced processes such as CNC bending, hydroforming, pressing and 6-axis laser cutting.
SST Technology manufactures motorsport exhaust systems, aerospace ducts and pipework, tubular structural components, high performance heat shielding and precision components for scientific and medical industries. SST Technology works in high technology sectors such as aerospace, defence, energy, automotive, motorsport and rail and has designed and developed a range of ceramic matrix composite heat shield and insulation products based on silicon carbide/carbon materials.
As a vertically integrated engineering business, SST Technology has a strong engineering team focussing on product development employing a dedicated design and analysis capability. The in-house machining capability is based upon full 5-axis CNC platforms in order to allow products and tooling to be manufactured rapidly and cost effectively.
Manufacturing is controlled under strict quality systems and business processes. These are currently audited to ISO 9001:2008.
SST Technology offers the most advanced manufacturing technology and high level engineering support through design and production realisation. This leads to products of the highest quality at competitive prices.
Further information on SST Technology can be found at www.sstubetechnology.com

Lentus Composites designs, manufactures and qualifies a broad portfolio of composite products using a range of manufacturing technologies including autoclave/pre-preg, RTM and resin infusion as well as being experts in the field of filament winding.
The main product areas for Lentus Composites include pre-preg/autoclave and RTM processes for panels, enclosures and structures, filament wound products such as hydraulic accumulators and pressure vessels, rings/tubes/sleeves, containment sleeves motor/generators, transmission shafts, actuation rods and struts, medical components, energy storage flywheels and other structural elements.
Lentus composites has a focus on process control and repeatability for the manufacture and traceability for producing composite products.
The filament winding machines not only control the winding patterns and layers but also control the surrounding process parameters such as temperatures, resin life, tensions and the environment. In order to make a good composite consistently it is important to follow a process with the machine movement, the process and environmental factors and a time line all being strictly adhered to. Lentus has experience of winding with a wide range of “wet” resin systems, pre-preg winding as well as creating resin formulations using additives such as nano-particulates and toughening agents.
Shop floor data capture systems pull together all of the engineering data for each product.
Manufacturing is controlled under strict quality systems and business processes. These are currently audited to ISO 9001:2008. Lentus has extensive inspection and testing facilities enabling mechanical testing to take place for product validation and qualification as well as physical characterisation of the composite and process along with NDT and dimensional inspection.
Further information on Lentus composites can be found at www.lentuscomposites.co.uk