Nu Perspectives Ltd


Nu Perspectives Ltd

Unit 9A Stonefield Park
Martins Lane
Chilbolton, Hants SO20 6BL
United Kingdom


Telephone: 01264 861310


Company Categories: Consulting, Cryogenic Equipment Manufacturer, Research and Development

Company Description:
Nu Perspectives specialises in the design and manufacture of mechatronic systems.

We are a friendly, knowledgeable multidisciplinary team which adopts a holistic and agile approach to tackling engineering challenges. We can offer an extremely flexible service to cater for the varying needs of our customers, whether it be the complete development of a new product, modification of an existing design or the provision of a complete in-house manufacturing service.

We specialise in the design of cryogenic systems, particularly for medical applications. We are experienced in designing liquid nitrogen based systems as well as systems which use the Joule Thomson effect of expanding high pressure gases through micro orifices. We understand how to design parts and assemblies which can withstand both extreme cold and high pressures.